Cafès Cornellà decodes the coffee so that the barista has the algorithm to make coffee with a perfect flavour, aroma and taste.



The chef of the cafeteria

The barista is the professional who, using certain techniques and their passion, endeavours to transform the coffee’s aroma into a drink.

They are one of the most important professionals in the hospitality sector, the expert in extracting the best espresso to create better coffee-based preparations.  At Cafès Cornellà we have always believed in this profession, and since the year 2000 we have been offering our clients specific training for baristas.

In 2003, as a reward for students who had passed through our classroom, we created the first Barista Competition in Spain. This is an annual competition which allows all professionals to demonstrate their skills in front of an expert jury, which rewards a job well done according to the parameters of the World Barista Championship.

A professional barista starts with a score of 781 points according to the international standards of the World Barista Championship. The points are reduced according to their ability. We have created a record of these scores along with a ranking.

We reward the baristas who have completed the level one course with a bronze pin and a certificate. From that moment on, the baristas will have to propel their own professional growth. The silver pin is obtained with a minimum of 420 points, which will include mastering the technique of latte art.  The gold pin is reached from 520 points onwards. Cafès Cornellà will award it to all baristas who have achieved a remarkable gastronomic level within the cafeteria environment, being able to implement their creativity in producing a wide range of speciality drinks, which may or may not be coffee-based.



Imma Vila

Barista Trainer at Cafès Cornellà since 2003. More than 10,000 baristas have passed through her classroom, with over 15,000 courses completed. Technical and sensory judge approved by the SCA and the Fòrum del Cafè (The Coffee Forum), from the first edition.