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Cafès Cornellà will present the concept of decoding coffee at the Forum, along with the new range of coffees for the HoReCa sector

2 min.

Cafès Cornellà, a century-old firm dedicated to roasting, marketing and innovation in products and systems related to coffee, will present the new Decoding Coffee concept and the new range of products linked to the concept, directed to the HoReCa sector at the Fòrum Gastronòmic 2017.

Decoding Coffee decodes the entire coffee process so that the professional barista and the establishment can work it correctly, so that the end consumer can be aware of its quality. The brand gives the coffee professional the keys, through the technical information for each blend –the packet of coffee beans– so that they can process it according to good quality criteria in the preparation of the espresso; of the establishment, on the basis of supporting the cost-effectiveness along with the quality of the product; and the end consumer, helping them to understand how to identify a good espresso.

The new range of blends, designed by the barista, displayed with the numerical result of an algorithm that takes into account the characteristics obtained from the coffee bean it contains under the criterion of the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America), the origin of the bean, the roasting point, the extraction rate and the sensory profile. The range has 14 new blends: 3 Barista Pro blends, incorporating as a new feature the Premium Grade category coffee bean according to the SCAA; 6 Espresso blends, incorporating two new blends with the eco seal; and 5 Coffee Service blends, one of which has the fair trade seal.

Cafès Cornellà will also launch their new range of herbal teas called Passion Tea for the first time at the Gastronomic Forum. It has a range of 11 varieties of white, green, red and black teas, and 7 varieties of herbal teas, which include flavours such as Ratafia and Camomile.