Cafès Cornellà provides a perfect cup of coffee with a method designed to improve the profitability and quality of each establishment.


The Method

For consistent quality and profitability

Drinking coffee is always associated with a particular geographical point: the cafeteria. For us, this is the meeting point with the consumer, the point at which our product comes in contact with the barista and those who will enjoy the beverage. It’s the geographical point where we close the circle with just a few sips and a half-hour aftertaste, providing an experience which is full to the brim with emotions.

So that this satisfaction reaches the consumer we have created our method, a working system for each and every one of our customers to help them to transform the grain which we have delicately roasted into a drink that preserves the aroma in a cup.

At Cafès Cornellà, we roast the coffee beans which arrive from their country of origin without any taste or aroma. The roasting point is responsible for generating the aroma that the barista will later transfer to the drink.

Our sistema integral de qualitat (integral quality system), known as the S.I.Q., ensures that the coffee bean that we serve results in a clean, fresh coffee in perfect conditions, so all the aroma is transferred into a cup of coffee. It is a system of continuous improvement that starts with consistent quality, progressive barista training and preventive maintenance of the machinery, and culminates when the customer realises that this system improves their profitability.

We connect the cafeteria using 4.0 technology. We take a step further in product quality and provide the cafeteria with tools to develop their business. We give them management tools.

We guarantee and communicate experiences with the end consumer. The Espresso Point focuses on excellence in the cafeteria. We identify those who seek excellence and certify this with the Espresso Point seal.

To demonstrate these guarantees, we have developed a platform to connect the coffee machines in order to be able to manage the establishment’s coffees. It enables the results of the cups served to be measured at all times, and uses this to improve the results of the coffee business:

Measuring the quality of the coffee in real time.
Controlling the profitability to improve productivity and optimising consumption.
Arranging preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns.