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Caviar Coffee with a Rum Air

- Expert


· To make the air:
· 3 gr. Air alcohol
· 100 ml rum (Cacique)
· To make the caviar:
· 200 ml coffee(150 ml coffee + 50 ml water)
· 28gr. sugar
· 1.2 gr. alginate (blender)
· To create the caviar:
· 1 litre water
· 10 gr. calcium chloride (whisk)


· A blender
· 3 containers to place the products in
· A whisk
· A special strainer spoon to present the dish
· A dropper or syringe


To prepare the caviar, mix 1 litre of mineral water with 10 g calcium chloride, stirring continuously with a whisk to prevent the chloride from settling on the bottom of the container. Then prepare the coffee which will be used to make the caviar. Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix on full power for about 30 seconds, and at the same time scrape off any of the mixture that sticks to the sides of the blender with a spatula.

Repeat this process twice. Afterwards, put it in a conical recipient and let it stand until all the air has been removed.

Then, to make the tiny spheres, take a dropper or a small syringe and very slowly squirt individual droplets of coffee into the calcium chloride and water mixture, from a distance of about 5 cm above the mixture.

When you have finished this process, you will have the caviar and you will be able to recover the small spheres of coffee with a colander. Transfer them into another container which contains a bit of mineral water, and let them rest on the special strainer spoon that you will use for the preparation.

Next, make the rum air. Put 100 ml of rum (Cacique) into a container with 3g. of Air Alcohol and stir it with a whisk until it forms a rum foam.

To present the dish, use a special spoon containing the caviar and place it on top of the rum air. It is eaten straight from the special spoon, and must be served quickly because the foam starts to melt immediately.