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Volcanic Coffee

- The Initiated


· For the ratafia cream:
· 200 ml of single cream with 33% fat
· 100 ml melted vanilla icecream
· 100 ml ratafia
· 1 charge of gas
· For the syrup:
· 100 ml water
· 20 ml walnut syrup
· 4 fresh mint leaves
· 37 rosemary leaves
· For the final preparation:
· 25 ml espresso
· 20 ml syrup
· 50 ml ratafia cream


· Coffee machine
· 1.5 l Siphon for the cream
· 1 N20 charge
· Jug or bowl to make the syrup


To prepare the syrup:

Make a fresh mint and rosemary infusion. Once the infusion is made, add the walnut syrup to it and stir them together. Then let it stand.

To make the siphon mixture: Add all the ingredients and make sure they are well-mixed, prepare with one charge of gas and let stand for 30 minutes.

To make the final preparation: First, pour the syrup you have prepared into the bottom of the glass, then prepare a jug of espresso coffee and slowly pour it on top of the syrup. Decorate the drink with the ratafia foam with a few walnuts on top.