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Catalan Coffee

- The Initiated


· 150 ml of fresh whole milk
· 1 Espresso
· 7 gr cane sugar
· 20 ml cinnamon and lemon syrup
· For the syrup:
· 100 ml water
· 100 gr sugar
· 2 cinnamon sticks
· 2 slices of crystallised lemon or natural lemon rind


· A kitchen blowtorch
· A 600 ml jug
· A metallic container
· A 200 ml glass


Emulsify the milk with the syrup in a jug, then put it into the glass you will serve it in.

Next, make the espresso in a small jug and slowly pour it into the glass, doing so carefully to ensure the liquids don’t mix together and can be served as a latte.

Finish off the preparations by sprinkling a little cane sugar on top and burning it with a kitchen blowtorch, giving the appearance of burnt sugar as seen on a typical Crema Catalana dessert.

To prepare the syrup:

Put the water, cane sugar, cinnamon and lemon slices in a metallic container and let it simmer over low heat for about 20-30 minutes.